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Offices; other public bodies

AT - Patent Office Austria (german version)
AU - Australia Department of IP
BE - Belgian Patent and Trademark Office
BG - Bulgarian Patent Office
BR - Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)
CH - Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IGE)
CH - Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IGE), Homepage for handicapped persons
CL - Chilenian Departement for Industrial Property (spanish version)
CS - Serbian Patent Office
CZ - Czechian Office for Industrial Property
DE - Federal Ministry of Justice (BMJ), Germany
DE - Federal Office of Plant Variety, Germany
DE - German Federal Patent Court
DE - German Patent and Trademark Office
EE - Estonian Patent Office
EP - Community Plant Variety Office
EPO - European Patent Office
Eurasian Patent Organization
FI - Finnish Patent and Registration Office
FR - French Institute of Intellectual Property (french version)
HU - Hungarian Patent Office
IE - Irish Patent Office
IL - Israelian Patent Office
IN - Indian Patent Office
JP - Japan Patent Office
KR - Korean Intellectual Property Office
LT - Lithuanian Patent Office
NL - Netherlands Industrial Property Office (NIPO)
NO - Norwegian Patent Office
NZ - New Zealand Office of Intellectual Property
PL - Polish Patent Office
PT - Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property
SG - Singapore Intellectual Property Office
SI - Slovenian Intellectual Property Office
SK - Slovak Republic Industrial Property Office
UK - British Patent Office
WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization